Killing The Bijuu - Right or Wrong?

It seems like Sasuke wants to kill the Ninja world’s equivalent to nuclear weapons where as Naruto wants them to remain. Who is right? This a real, important question. Because even though the Bijuu are sentient creatures, with feelings and personalities, they are extremely dangerous and have been used as weapons of war over and over.

What the first Hokage did was pretty much handing each village a few nuclear weapons and hoping that this would mean world peace. Which was just as naive and stupid as it sounds, and didn’t work out.

The Bijuu may be living creatures, and they may even grow to be calm and peaceful, but we have seen that many humans would not let these gigantic creatures just live their lives. In the Shinobi World, I don’t think there will be another war in the next generation, since these shinobi all fought side by side. But after a few years, maybe a century, human nature will make someone, or many people, feel justified in starting a war, and they will seek to use the power of the Bijuu. Humans can control them, that much is proven, and either manipulate them with something like the Sharingan, or turn themselves or someone else into a Jinchuriki, whether the Bijuu approve of the action or not. They are bound to be used again, as long as they live, even if it’s only by one power-hungry and crazed person. And only on Bijuu can create much, much harm to humanity.

Kishimoto might end this whole manga with Naruto finding world peace, but let’s pretend he is going to be more realistic about it and consider this seriously. Eventually, there will be another conflict in the Shinobi World, and no matter how far in the future that happens after the series is over, it is a certainty that the losses will be greater if one side can control even just one Bijuu.

Killing the Bijuu might seem cruel, and it most definitely should count as murder. But I would argue that it is a necessary evil to free the coming generations from these huge, dangerous weapons, which can at any time be manipulated into tools used for massacres.

Sasuke is doing a cruel thing which will benefit humanity in the long run. That is my case.

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    I have to interject here and just state even if Sasuke kills the the bijuu they will just be reincarnated over time....
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